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Marketing Automation

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Deliver personalized experiences to your customers, efficiently,
with automated marketing campaigns from Socialchaat.

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  • Form & Landing Page Setup
  • Strategy & Integration
  • Email Marketing Setup
  • Lead Gen & Sales Setup
  • Tracking & Management

Our Process

What Are We Going To Do?

At SocialChaat, we keep the customers at the centre of every strategy. We bring together email marketing, sales processes, social posts, and even ad
campaigns, to deliver simplified-yet-unique experiences to your customers.


We leverage the best of email, SMS, and other networks

to interact and engage your existing/potential customers.

Platform integration

Things work best when connected together.

Right from ad platforms to CRM; and post-sales - we streamline interaction
with your customer.

Automation Management

With ongoing support & optimization services,

we help you stay on top of each interaction with your brand and quantify your digital growth.